TBB Talks To … Damian Marcano Writer/Director of Chee$e

Damian Marcano is a US based filmmaker, he is known for his first feature film God Loves the Fighter (2013) he is also known for American Gigolo (2022), and Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (2022).

Marcano’s latest feature film is CHEE$E and follows a young man comes up with a plan after he gets a girl pregnant: Becoming his village’s pot supplier. With the demand growing, he must balance providing for his child with staying clear of the law.

Please introduce yourself …

My name is Damian Marcano and I am a Director and Artist from Trinidad and Tobago.

Describe your life right now in a word or one sentence …

Good vibes!

Tell us about your latest project …

My Latest project is Chee$e. The story follows Skimma, a young village man, who comes up with a plan to wrap weed in cheese after finding out he got a girl pregnant.

What’s your role on it?

I am the writer, director and cinematographer of the film. When you need to get something out of your head you tend to not wait on anyone.

How did Chee$e come about?

After coming back from Rotterdam my wife told me I needed a break so we headed to Grande Rivière. While in rest mode I met Piero who said he made cheese in the jungle and when someone tells you he makes cheese in the jungle you have to go and see. That was the seed. From there it took seven years to get to the point where Chee$e is now.

With this being your second feature what did you learn from your debut that put you in good prep for Chee$e and how have you evolved as a filmmaker?

There was a lot that was learned between God Loves The Fighter and Chee$e. I think I just got better at being myself. Learning that it is easier to say something with a little bit of honey. In this case, weed wrapped in Chee$e is the honey.

Can you share what the plan is for the rest of the films in this trilogy?

Don’t think you have the journey of Skimma figured out. There will be a bigger surprise for all of our characters. Part two is already written. Now it is time to find the funding and the right partner.

Tell us the high points, any obstacles to getting the film completed and how you resolved the obstacles.

Our team is our family. Having them I knew we could get it done. That’s definitely the high. The low is losing a good friend of ours, Chris Smith, during the filming of Chee$e. He was supposed to play Officer Leon. We really leaned on each other to get it done after that. In a lot of ways, he is very much a part of the film despite not being seen.

Which scene or moment best defined why you worked on this film?

Skimma and Peter on the beach fireside. That conversation is something I feel anyone can relate to. People who want to achieve something are always in search of something new and where I am from there are times people may feel trapped by circumstance.

What’s your current plan B?

There is no Plan B. There is also no such thing as something going wrong just lessons and opportunity.

What are you watching right now?

The sky.

What are you reading right now?

My next script.

What are you listening to right now?

Chee$e soundtrack trying to get it ready for release.

The last thing you saw on stage?

Kinky Boots starring Wayne Brady.

What’s on your bucket list?

Opening an orange stand.

Celebrate someone else – who do you rate right now?


Celebrate yourself – make us proud of you!

Rastaman – don’t brag juss bun a spliff.

Where can we find you and Chee$e?

Chee$e is making the festival rounds right now. So hopefully it will be coming to a city near you.

What’s next for you?



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