TBB Talks to … Femi Oyeniran

Femi Oyeniran is an actor, filmmaker, businessman and could probably help you out if you got in trouble with the law.

We’ve known each other for about 4/5 industry years. The last time we caught up he was working on ‘It’s A lot‘ (2013). Prior to that Oyeniran was famous for playing ‘Moony‘ in Noel Clarke’s breakthrough film ‘Kidulthood‘. Then he had the idea to break out into making his own films. No mean feat, the British filmmaking industry ain’t like Hollywood. Let alone the British Black film industry.

But, Oyeniran took his Nigerian heritage and energy and beat the odds to now have 3 feature films under his belt. After ‘It’s A lot‘, he co-wrote, co-directed and produced ‘The Intent’ (2016) a London set gangster film which starred some of the most impactful British Black stars in the game. Bringing The Intent to the big screen was a hustle. Oyeniran and his team which included his right-hand man musician/filmmaker Nicky ‘Slimting‘ Walker and close friend producer/writer Victor Adebodun rounded up their friends in the industry to help them finance the project.

The success of The Intent sparked the idea for The Intent 2: The Come Up. The prequel story this time was supported by Darcus Beese and Alex Boateng at Island Records UK who took the record label into the film industry, partnering up with independent distributor Vertigo Releasing to get behind the film’s development.

Earlier this year, Oyeniran was hit with the devastating news that his friend and colleague Victor had suddenly passed away. Persevering in Victor’s name and spirit The Intent 2 had its momentous premiere at London’s Cineworld cinema in Leicester Square Wednesday 19th September.

TBB Talks caught up with Oyeniran to discuss his filmmaking journey, some of the issues and impact films like The Intent raise, the legacy he wants to leave and what’s next…

The Intent 2: The Come Up is in UK cinemas now.





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