TBB Talks To … Kemi Anna Adeeko Creator Of As Above

Kemi Anna is a filmmaker, writer and content producer committed to creating visuals that share diverse experiences.

She has recently screened her debut short film in collaboration with Converse and John Boyega as part of the Create Next Film project, produced by Bounce Cinema. Featured on platforms such as Vogue, Complex, GUAP and No Signal.

As Above is a love letter to Blackness, celebrating Black love, Black beauty and Black glory.

Kemi Anna Adeeko – creator of As Above

Please introduce yourself …

Hi, I’m Kemi Anna Adeeko – a Nigerian-British filmmaker and writer.

Why As Above?

The concept for the film came from the realisation that black people are often captured from high angles or behind white protagonists. We’re often viewed as inferior or as villains. However, As Above dispels that myth and shows us for who we are. The film captures authentic relationships between families, friends and couples in a way that is reflective of real life. Both the film and photo series use low angles to view blackness ‘As Above’ rather than below. It’s a beautiful exploration of wholesome intimacy and a tribute to community and culture.

Tell us about your team …

I had the most incredible team on this project. It was produced by a creative collective I founded called Nuff Said LDN (@nuffsaid_ldn) which my amazing DOP Paul Ifeneziuche (@paulyywaulyy), casting coordinator Maisie Angela (@maisie.angela), graphic designer Lisa HPR (@lisahpr_) and co-writer Isaac Izekor (@isaac.izekor) are also co-founders of. I collaborated with my creative partner Safeen James (@safeenjames) who was the art director of the film. This film was a true labour of love and a family affair with my sister Lola Adeeko (@lolachrstine) as the composer and cousin Adefela Olowoselu (@adefelurr) as co-writer. Honestly, the entire crew and cast were essential in making this film what it is and I couldn’t be more grateful for my collaborators.

What does the story of AS ABOVE mean to you personally?

As Above was an opportunity for me to share wholesome examples of authentic black love. I wanted to create something that made me and everyone else who watches it feel good and have a sense of belonging.

Tell us a memorable moment from idea to final edit.

I really loved the moments of me and my sister while she composed in the studio. It’s a beautiful example of the energy the film portrays.

Which scene best defines what you love about this project?

There’s a scene with twin girls playing, this perfectly encapsulates the tone of the film. It feels intimate but also pure and carefree.

What’s next?

I’m continuing to work on developing new stories to tell. I’m hoping I get to share more short film work this year.

How do we keep up to date with you and your work?

The best way to keep up to date with my work is to follow my Instagram and I’m also sharing my journey as a filmmaker on tiktok (@kemianna_). You can catch more of my work on kemianna.com

Catch Kemi’s film As Above at the BFI Future Film Festival – find out more here


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