TBB Talks to … Podcast Producer / Founder of Broccoli Content, Renay Richardson

Renay Richardson is an award-winning audio producer and founder of Broccoli Content. Richardson made her mark on the UK podcasting industry with her highly-acclaimed series About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge.

Originally from Dagenham, Essex, as a young black woman living in Britain, she grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of diverse stories and characters featured on screen.

Determined to make a difference and carve out a place for stories like hers, Richardson spent a decade in the entertainment industry, learning the business and climbing her way up.

Richardson fell in love with podcasts and the way they engaged with an audience to speak directly to their passions and interests while working for Acast and a number of other leading podcast platforms. She founded Broccoli Content in 2018 after the runaway success of About Race.

TBB Talks spoke to this phenomenal powerhouse about how she got into the business of podcasting, what it was like working with Reni Eddo-Lodge and what it takes to produce your own podcast.

Check out Broccoli Content here.


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