TBB Talks To… Singer/Songwriter Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter who in October released his latest project the Rescue EP.

Jordan has written and recorded with the likes of Wretch 32 (Take me as I Am), Jess Glynne (1,2,3) and Professor Green (Count Of Me) and many more. He was recently applauded by American Producer Timberland for his political piece Don’t Shoot Me. He also co-produced and co-wrote the soundtrack for the highly anticipated Nicole Lecky BBC Three drama Mood based on her critically acclaimed Royal Court play Superhoe.

We spoke to Jordan about his Ep, his love for music and what being an artist means to him…

Please introduce yourself…

My name is Jordan Thomas. I’m from North London. I sing, write and produce songs.

Please share a word or sentence which best describes your life right now?


The title of your EP Rescue sounds like a powerful mission statement. When you made the music was it with the intention of reaching a particular emotion or person?

I sat with my guitar and strummed away in my Mothers home. She is a hero to our family and many others (she’s a foster carer of 35 years). I asked myself the question, ‘Who’s gonna come to my rescue when you’re gone?’ And the title track of my Rescue EP was born.

I often find that when I sing from my heart it connects with others. I think it’s the intention behind my music that translates, there’s a lot of integrity in my expression. It’s all very honest.

Your voice has a very unique tone, when did you first realise that you could do things with your voice different to those around you?

I’ve always just loved to sing. People say I sound like a girl sometimes and can be shocked that it is me singing. I’m enjoying pushing my voice and seeing what I can do. Singing is sooo broad. There are so many styles to explore. From jazz, soul country, pop, rap and spoken word. I just wanna mix them all up and put them together in my own way.

I think if one is authentic, one will be, unique.

The song Home is amazing and has a very distinct Jamaican bounce to it! How important is it to you that your music reflects your heritage?

I love Jamaica. My mum is Jamaican and as a kid, we would go there every year. It is so important I explore all parts of me. And Jamaica is a big part of that.

What was the most difficult song to complete on the EP?

I produced the whole project and I don’t think any of the songs are complete. They’re like living breathing entities, they grow and they evolve. They are more like snapshots of where I was at the time of recording them. They are my babies and have lives beyond the recording.

What has been your most enjoyable musical collaboration and who would you still like to work with?

Working with Wretch 32 was a dream. He is a genius writer. I was very blessed to have produced for him. I’ve worked with Kranium before but in the future, I’d love to work with more Jamaican artists.

In 2020 you released the song Don’t Shoot Me; a touching plea for peace, empathy and understanding to those who oppress Black people. Why was it important for you to speak up in that way when the Black Lives Matter movement was coming to prominence?

I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed (George Floyd’s passing) and had an overwhelming feeling to write. Sometimes I struggle to articulate how I feel. And that was the only way I knew how. I think the greatest songs are those that tell the story of its times. A change gonna come is a favourite of mine. Sam Cooke was inspired by pretty much the same injustices that prompted me to write Don’t Shoot Me.

Recently you co-wrote and produced the soundtrack to the highly anticipated BBC 3 series, Superhoe. What was that like and do you have plans to continue in the television and film space?

I really enjoyed the process and it was a first for me. I love exploring new things. Creating music for Film is something I definitely want to do more of. I like going deep with emotion. Film seems like a fitting way to really go there.

The opening song on your EP is called Breaking Through, what type of breakthrough are you manifesting for yourself this year?

A great question 🙂

I’m currently working on my album and aim to release it this year. That’s the breakthrough I’m excited about. And all the intricacies that come with such a big release.


A book you have to have in your collection? Awakening The Giant Within. Tony Robbins.

A song/album that defines the soundtrack of your life to date? One love. Bob Marley.

A film / TV show that you can watch/have watched repeatedly? Fresh Prince was a regular.

The first stage production you saw and what it meant to you (play, dance or concert)? I felt very fortunate to have watched Al Greene perform at the o2 a few years back.

What’s made you sad, mad, and glad this week?

Sad – It’s actually been a good week, so not too sad.
Mad. I’ve also been really chill this week.
Glad. I’m really glad that my headline show has been set for April 7th. It will be at the Arts Depot in North Finchley. Come Through 🙂

You can catch Jordan at his headline show Thursday 7th April @ Arts Depot North Finchley. Book tickets Here

To Keep up with Jordan Thomas: Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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