TBB Talks To… Singer-Songwriter Letisha Gordon

Letisha Gordon is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham on a mission to put her name on the map.

Wanting to bring British RnB back into the limelight, the singer with a sweet sultry voice name both Brandy and Beyoncé as her inspiration.

With the release of her upcoming EP #BrownIsTrending TBB Talks caught up with the singer to discuss her mission… 

Introduce yourself … 

My name is Letisha Gordon and I’m from Birmingham, West Midlands.

How did you get involved in music?

I come from a very musical family my uncle owned a music studio where I’d be regularly from young so my heart has been in music since I learned to walk.

What made you want to become a singer?

Watching my mum sing when I was younger; I wanted to be just like her. She had me very young so seeing her strength and determination whilst raising me inspired me to start writing about real life issues. I think I was even as young as seven when I started.

How long have you been an artist? Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

I’ve been an artist since 17. That was a turning point in my life as I started to compete in talent shows and contests. My biggest musical inspirations are Brandy and Beyoncé.

Tell us about your latest song ‘Hood Boy‘?

Hood Boy is my story. It’s my way of getting people to understand how hard it is to live in the ends and elevate. The song is encouraging someone I love to see the bigger picture and shows the unity between a young lady and a guy in love. Basically telling him “I see your struggle but I’m going to stick by you and we will break through together because I come from the same place you do and your potential is bigger than you know but your mentality and street cred is holding you back”.

The song is an RnB song, is this the genre of music that you’re most comfortable with or will you be switching it up?

I’d love to do rock one day, I’m such a lover of music I’d switch it up whenever I’m so versatile but RnB will always be my first love.

Did you write your own songs? 

I do write my own songs and I have worked with writers and appreciate their style but I’ll always have a deeper connection to the songs I write, as they truly represent me and how I feel.

There are more women on the UK music scene breaking through after it went a bit quiet.  How much pressure is it for you t0 stay relevant?

There’s no pressure. I think it’s beautiful that UK women are starting to get the recognition they deserve and I’m glad to become a part of that greatness.

How do you stand out from the rest?

My struggle and journey set me apart from everyone, I’m individual because of my journey and I appreciate everything I’ve ever been through as all the drama, mistakes, success, happiness and pain I’ve felt has shaped me as a person and helped my creativity. I don’t feel like there’s enough representation of young black women from the hood in the UK especially from outside London and I can’t wait to be a voice from the ends.

What can we expect from Letisha in the coming months?

A lot more projects, collabs, music videos, and appearances. You get to understand my heart through these projects I’ve put my everything into it.

You can follow and support Letisha on: SoundcloudSpotify | Instagram & Twitter @LetishaGordon



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