TBB TALKS TO … The Cast Of Sky Original Series Django

New Sky series Django, is loosely inspired by the cult classic Western, Italian Spaghetti (1966).

While searching for his daughter, Django comes upon New Babylon. Here, Django discovers that his daughter is alive and set to marry John Ellis, the founder of New Babylon. Sarah – who blames her father for the death of their family, massacred many years earlier while he was at war – wants Django to leave. But he refuses to give up and does everything in his power to get a second chance with her.

TBB spoke to the following Cast of the hit Western:

Nicholas Pinnock Talks … Django

“… the fact that Blacks, Indians and Mexicans made up 80% of the Wild West and now I can be a part of telling more than the 20% (the European experience of what is commonly the narrative in westerns) means the world to me. Where were those stories? Well, they’re here. And more are coming.”

Read Nicholas’ full interview here.

Elliot Edusah Talks … Django

I grew up listening to country and western my mother’s the biggest Don Williams, Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton fan. I’ll say that world and culture has always been a part of my life, it was just down to me to use my love and passion for the music and the genre to fuel my performance and place in the world that we as a cast created.“Read

Elliot’s full interview here.

Jyuddah Jaymes Talks … Django

I loved the way the characters spoke when I first saw the script, their almost heightened way of talking was what initially attracted me. I could see the world as well, what they wanted to create aesthetically; New Babylon which I still to this day very much believe in. It seemed so vivid to me and magical almost.”

Read Jyuddah’s full interview here.

Eric Kole Talks … Django

I remember the scene I auditioned with had a lot of conflict between Phillip and one of the brothers, whilst maintaining an aspect of brotherly love. It felt really rich and complex, and I remember thinking I’d be well up for more of that.”

Read Eric’s full interview here.

Romario Simpson Talks … Django

I believe it’s important to portray resilience and community in this era of slavery. Often, we only see the detrimental effects of such atrocities to the point where it feels like this period is glorified and upheld. Reuben Morgan is a young father who is willing to risk it all for the survival of his wife and new born son. I felt an affinity to show how vulnerable and irrepressible our ancestors were in the war for survival.

Read Romario’s full interview here.

Benny O. Arthur Talks … Django

I had never really envisioned myself being in a Western, let alone playing a cowboy, because the way I was introduced to this genre was always through a white perspective that left out stories of cowboys of colour, even though historically a large proportion of cowboys were in fact black, Native American and Mexican. So what really drew me to this story was this new perspective and the potential for stories from individuals that were very much present in that era.

Read Benny’s full interview here.

Dakota Trancher Williams Talks … Django

The script was extremely captivating from the beginning and shed light on important issues in our history. It was filled with love, redemption and action and it was something I wanted to be a part of from the very start.

Read Dakota’s full interview here.

Django is available to watch weekly on Sky Atlantic with NOW from 1st March.


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