#TBB10 With Comedienne Lolly Adefope – Ready To Take the Stage During Festival Season

1# Introduce yourself…

My name is Lolly (Ololade) Adefope, and I’m a character comedian, actor, and writer from London.

2# When did you realise you were funny and who was the first person to say ‘hey… you’re funny’?

I can’t remember when it was exactly – at school I always enjoyed doing accents and mimicking people and making funny videos – my friends were getting with boys and I was staying in the IT room at lunchtime looking up YouTube proxies so I could watch Brass Eye at school and even then it didn’t really click that going into comedy as a career was a realistic ambition for me.

3# If you could come back as any comedian living or passed, who would that be?

Hmmmmmm. I love Maria Bamford and Chris Morris, but they’re both such geniuses that there would be no point coming back as them – my brain in their bodies would be a total waste. The science wouldn’t work!

4# The journey of a comedian seems split between a life on the road, a life of TV sitcoms, or blockbuster movies Kevin Hart style… What’s your plan?

At the moment I’m doing a mix of live comedy (at gigs and Latitude), filming sitcoms and developing my own TV projects – I really like the variation and the fact that every day is different, so would love for that to continue.

5# Female comediennes what’s that journey been like for you… especially being a black female comedienne… and British and African – are there expectations that you must tell angry, black, forever single, ‘this is what it’s like being African’ type jokes – how do you keep your material fresh and not bow to expectations ?

I think that those stereotypes of female comedians are, thankfully, slowly fading away, but I think people are often surprised that I do character comedy rather than standup, as there hasn’t, to my knowledge, been a black female character comedian since Miss Jocelyn. I like to be quite meta with my comedy, so in my shows, when I mention race, I reference the fact that talking about it gets as much criticism as not talking about it!

6# How important is it for you to be appearing at an event like Latitude, are you a festival guru, or will this be your first time?

I love festivals – both going to them and performing at them – this will be my 4th time performing at Latitude, but my first time on the (huge???) comedy stage, so I’m really excited.

7# Can you tell us anything about what you have planned for your moment?

It will be a mix of characters – some from my show Lolly 2 but also with some new bits thrown in, to make sure I stay #fresh!

8# How do you control the nerves; Are hecklers a real issue; how do you deal with a lukewarm to an unresponsive crowd?

I think I’m lucky in that people coming to see character comedy are normally quite comedy savvy and so I don’t get many traditional hecklers. Some people get quite involved and answer rhetorical questions (‘do you know what I mean?’) but I can deal with that. If they’re unresponsive I’ll probably reference it – I find audiences loosen up after they realise they’re not watching TV, you’re really there in the room experiencing it all with them.

9# Who are you looking forward to seeing at Latitude?

Music – Mystery Jets, SOHN, Loyle Carner; Comedy –  all my funny pals – Adam Hess, Katharine Ryan, Rose Matafeo

10# When you get home from Latitude the first thing you’re going to do is…

Probably sleep for as long as is humanly possible.

Lolly Adefope will be performing at:


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