#TBB10 With New Eclectic UK band All Change – Bringing That Alternative Musical Fusion

All Change are a new unsigned five piece Rap Rock band from London, England, consisting of two front men, a guitarist, bassist and drummer. They have crafted a raw and anthemic sound, that builds upon their foundation, through incorporating the influences from various other genres.

February 8th 2017 saw the official release of their debut single, Chains. The premise of the song is to highlight our desire to break free from the intra-personal struggles that we all face each and every day.

Chains is a track that definitely appeals to the alternative crowd, uniquely utilising a creative fusion of Rock, Hip Hop and Soul.

After listening, I decided to catch up with one of the band’s front men MYL to find out a little more about them…



1# Introduce yourself…

I am MYL – pronounced “mile” and stands for made you look, inspired by Nas. One of two frontmen for the unsigned, five piece UK rap rock band, All Change.

2# Home town | background | heritage… 

I was born and raised in South London and I’m the second youngest of six. My mother is from Mauritius and my father was from St Vincent in the West Indies. I grew up in a single parent household, so I witnessed how hard a parent has to work to make ends meet. Just like any other family, life wasn’t easy, we had our fair share of trials and tribulations, but we got through them together and have come out on the other side stronger.

When I was a little I loved gaming and technology (I still do) and wanted to be a programmer/developer. So I worked hard, went to university and earned my degree in Computer Science – Graphics and Games. However, life has a funny way of steering you towards an unseen path. I say that, but I’m sure people will read this interview and be like, “Man, how could you not see that you were going to end up doing music?” [laughs], but you don’t know what you don’t know, right!

3# How long have you been doing this?

I used to sing in my Primary school choir. My mother used to play the piano and my sister is an amazing vocalist; I remember many times where I would just sit and listen to both with admiration. Even my good friends to this day were aspiring Grime artists. So I was always surrounded by music, but poetry was my creative choice for expression for many years. Later in life I began playing a Karaoke game which re-ignited a spark inside, which led me to seek out vocal lessons. Soon after, my father was diagnosed with dementia and witnessing him slip away was very difficult. I needed an outlet, so I turned to music as a new means to express myself, as well as connect with and/or escape life. So I guess I have been doing this on and off for my whole life, but I would say that I have been serious about music for 7+ years now.

4# What would you say inspired you to become who you are in this industry?

I would say that I have drawn inspiration from Rap, Rock, R&B, Soul, Motown and Grime, because without any of those genres and the artists that they have produced, I would not be the artist that I am today. In saying that, I do not limit myself to only draw influence from those genres, as I approach music with an open net, ready to be cast. If you listen to one of All Change’s tracks right now, you will distinctly hear the other influences, from Swing, Funk, Blues to even Negro Spirituals and more. But all of this would not be possible without my band All Change, Mo Brandis and my sister vocal training me, as well as the rest of my family, friends and our fans for just being supportive and honest with their evaluations. All of them have helped (and continue to help) All Change and I grow. For that I, not even just me, we, are very grateful.

5# What was the first track you created and what did it mean to you; how was it received?

The first song we wrote and composed was, Don’t Turn (Your Back On Me). It has a special place in our hearts to this very day as it represents the beginning of our musical journey, along with cementing exactly what we wanted to do, create anthemic music with substance. It covers domestic violence, bullying and being undervalued/overlooked in general, and garnering the courage to stand up and make yourself heard. There are many of us out there who can connect with any or all of those subjects and when we perform that track live, we get to see just how much it means to others too. Each and every one of those moments makes it even more special.

6# Tell us about your latest single, Chains

Chains highlights the intra-personal struggles that we all face each and every day, e.g. the labels we are given or give to ourselves to play a certain role in society, and our desire to break free from them and become who we truly are.

7# What makes your music different from what’s already out there?

We have fused Rap, Rock and melodic vocals with influences drawn from various other genres. We aim to produce a sound that resonates with the listener long after the song has been heard. Not just through the composition, but also through the story that the words are painting.

8# Why All Change?

The name All Change came about through previous drummers leaving the band, which at the time was called OutsideIn, to pursue other things. But it was always at the most inconvenient time e.g. a week before recording. So naturally our mentality shifted and we decided to change how we managed ourselves. We didn’t want to depend on anyone whose heart wasn’t in this from the beginning, along with those who did not understand that this doesn’t happen overnight. We had to learn new skills and even produce our own drums to keep moving forward. As a result of this, we decided to change the name of the band to suit our new more focused attitude. After a lot of brainstorming, I took a moment and thought, what is it we are trying to do? What are we trying to convey? Change… Then like a bolt of lightning the words All Change entered my mind, and the rest is history.

9# What does your music represent?

Our music is a combination of elements. All five of us stem from various backgrounds, and with that comes different musical and social experiences, that influence our musical direction. But ultimately, we are all alive and by that I mean, we all think, we all feel, we all see, hear, taste and we want our music to reflect that, that one thing that unites us all, we are all human. Our music is very honest and very real. We take into account our own experiences as well as those we interact with, and formulate a way to demonstrate how each of us perceives a situation, so that a connection can be made with the listener. From the outset we agreed that we wanted to create anthemic music with substance, so that’s what we will strive and continue to do.

10# Where can people listen to your new single and what’s next for you?

Our debut single Chains can be heard through all major digital distributors – iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora etc. The official video for Chains is viewable via YouTube and VEVO, just search for “All Change Chains”. We are currently preparing to release new content throughout 2017, as well as gearing up for upcoming shows. 

Keep up to date with All Change
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Tour Dates: Saturday April 8th at The Cavendish Arms | 3rd May at Roadtrip & The Workshop



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