#TBBreccommends – Must Have Books For Budding Filmmakers

The filmmaking process can be fun and extremely creative but it also requires a good understanding of what you are doing.  As the New Year gets underway it is a great moment for promising filmmakers to develop their skill set and understand the various aspects involved. 

Why not check out our book recommendations which will help inform your understanding and inspire you to get those brilliant ideas from inside your head, onto the screen. 

In no particular order: 

The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood –  By Nadia Denton

A great tool for all those interested in the thriving Nigerian Film Industry, the book highlights the advancement of Nigerian Visual Media content – Including, documentary, independent films, music videos, animation and diaspora films. Featuring 78 interviews with a range of filmmakers and industry leaders and packed with information on finance, marketing, exhibition and distribution, the book serves as an excellent resource for filmmakers and is generally a must have for anyone interested in in the developments in African Cinema.

Available – Amazon | Nadia Denton Books

The Black British Filmmaker’s Guide to Success – By Nadia Denton

Is an essential read for any budding filmmakers. It offers invaluable insight and guidance to assist with essential aspects of the filmmaking process including securing funding, marketing and distribution options. Whilst being aimed at Black British Filmmakers it is also recommended for the wider international community of black filmmakers, plus those of other backgrounds who are making related film content aimed at black audiences.  Last but not least the book is available for FREE! Yes, that’s right free.

Avialable – Nadia Denton Books

Why We Make Movies: Black Filmmakers Talk About the Magic of Cinema

The Filmmaker’s Handbook, 2013 edition – By Steven Ascher & Edward Pincus

Offers an extremely comprehensive yet clear view into the many areas of the production process, whilst providing information and advice on digital video, film and DSLR cameras. The book offers a range of useful information and caters to filmmakers operating from zero to high production budgets. Whether amateur or professional The Filmmaker’s Handbook is a must-have resource.

Available – Amazon | Penguin Random House

In The Blink of an Eye: A perspective on Film Editing – By Walter Murch

An insightful look into the creative process of film editing, giving an in-depth view of an editor’s mind and the thought processes behind making certain decisions whilst editing. It’s an essential tool for anyone wanting to edit a film, music video, viral video etc. Murch, himself is a successful award winning filmmaker and within this book provides invaluable advice for anyone who wants to take their work to the next level.

Available – Amazon

Directing: Film Techniques & Aesthetics – By Michael Rabiger

Whether a novice or an experienced practitioner, everyone can benefit from this read. It makes no assumptions about the reader’s level of production understanding thus provides all the necessary information in a structured way. The book covers a range of areas including constructing narratives for screenplays, character development, analysing scripts and camera movement. A valuable resource for filmmaking who wish to give their productions a professional edge.

Available – Amazon

On Film-making: An Introduction to the Craft of the Director – by Alexander Mackendrick   

An invaluable book filled with the teachings from a seasoned professional. Offering an array of information from writing to production and post-production techniques. This thorough guide covers the elements involved in effective storytelling, including, the importance of character development, shot composition and the process of directing. A highly recommended book for all those who take their filmmaking practice seriously.

Available – Waterstones | Amazon

Rebel Without a Crew – By Robert Rodriguez

An inspirational, simple and witty read for all aspiring filmmakers. Rodriguez shares his experiences and tricks on completing a film without the big Hollywood budgets. Overall, what this book provides is the belief and motivation to know that with determination and creativity you too can also complete your projects. A great read for those who need reminding of what they can potentially achieve.

Available – Amazon | Book Depository


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