TBB’s Lit List – May 2024

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Our selection of books this month includes releases from playwright, poet, and novelist Jackie Kay and spoken-word artist, poet, rapper George The Poet for you to add to your reading list.

It Waits In The Forest by Sarah Dass

Unlike the other residents of the small Caribbean Island of St. Virgil, Selina DaSilva does not believe in magic. With a logical mind and a knack for botany, Selina used to dream of leaving the island to study Pharmacology—until a vicious, unsolved attack left her father dead and her mother in a coma.

Now her guilt over her mother’s condition keeps her tethered to the island, relegated to conning gullible tourists with useless talismans and phony protection rituals. But when one of those tourists ends up at the centre of a string of strange murders, the truth that Selina has been denying can no longer be there is evil lurking in the forests that surround St. Virgil. Another thing that can’t be avoided? Selina’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel, newly employed at the local newspaper and eager to put his investigative skills to use.

Desperate to put an end to the killings and claim justice for Selina’s family, these two former lovers race to find answers. But evil bides it’s time. As long-buried feelings and long-hidden secrets about Selina’s family’s past begin to reveal themselves, only one answer remains—and it waits in the forest.

Publication Date: Tuesday 14th May 2024 (UK)
Publisher: Rick Riordan Presents

Allow Me to Introduce Myself by Onyi Nwabineli

Every second of Anuri’s life has been documented on social media. Now, it’s time to take back control.
Anuri’s stepmother, Ophelia, is the ultimate ‘mumfluencer’. Throughout Anuri’s childhood, she catalogued every minute, milestone and carefully curated family outings on social media, cultivating a devoted – and sizeable – following. Now twenty-five years old, life looks pretty perfect on the outside. Ophelia’s fans could be forgiven for wondering why Anuri spends much of her time insulting men online for money, battling the call of alcohol, running from a PhD application, and reminding herself that she is now allowed to choose her own outfits. But when she sees her little sister being pushed down the same rocky path by Ophelia, she decides to take back control. Her stepmother, however, isn’t giving up without a fight.

Put away your phone and get ready to rethink your ‘harmless’ social media habit, in this darkly hilarious page-turner from an exciting new voice.

Nwabineli is magic with words‘ Bolu Babalola
Nwabineli is one to watch‘ Red Magazine

Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publish Date: Thursday 23rd May 2024

Like Water, Like Sea by Olumide Popoola

Sometimes we swim, sometimes we float, other times we are drowning. It’s not always easy to know which is which.

It is the tenth anniversary of her sister’s death, and Nia is grappling with her grief, and balancing the complicated relationships weaving through her life. There is smart and sexy Temi; Melvin, her teenage love; and her new yet intimate friendship with Rahul and Crystal. But looming large over everything is her mother SuSu, whose battle with bipolar disorder continues to cast a profound shadow over Nia.

Delving deep into the intricate tapestry of Nia’s life, Like Water Like Sea is a poignant tale of self-discovery and resilience, sexuality and motherhood, and falling apart to become truly whole.

…full of so much heart, the compelling cast and the vibrant plot line will keep you turning the page.” – Chinelo Okparanta, author of Under the Udala Trees

…a beautiful exploration of love, sex, lurve and luv in the many permutations life presents us with, it is surprising, seductive and ultimately satisfying.” – Yewande Omotoso, author of An Unusual Grief

Publisher: Cassava Republic
Publish Date: Tuesday 28th May 2024

Track Record: Me, Music and the War on Blackness by George the Poet

George unveils the power dynamics that shape our world, shedding light on the forces that restrict Black creativity and put limits on Black excellence. By interrogating the history of colonialism and exploring capitalism’s racist legacy, George offers a fresh perspective on the world around us.

Delving into the music scene and iconic films from his childhood, as well as crucial political and economic moments in history, this book provides the backstory of where we are today. Honest, thought-provoking, and passionate, Track Record is a ground-breaking memoir by one of the UK’s most unique voice.

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publish Date: Thursday 25th April 2024

May Day by Jackie Kay

The long-awaited collection from one of Britain’s finest poets, and a chronicle of activism in the UK over six decades.

Kay brings to life a cast of influential figures, delving beneath the surfaces of received narratives: the Jamaican model Fanny Eaton, for example, muse of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in England; Paul Robeson, Angela Davis and the poet Audre Lorde; and a ‘what-if’ poem concerning Rabbie Burns and a road-not-taken towards the West Indian slave trade. Woven through the collection is a suite of lyric poems concerning the recent losses of Kay’s parents: poems of grief and profound change that are infused with the light of love and celebration.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publish Date: Thursday 25th 2024


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