The British Blacklist & We Are Parable partner again with BFI London Film Festival 2023

For the 2nd year running The British Blacklist & We Are Parable Have partnered with BFI London Film Festival to offer exclusive discounts to a select choice of films! 

With one of the biggest film events of the year just around the corner we’re excited to be offering our subscribers discounted tickets to our curated pick of films from this year’s BFI London Film Festival’s programme.

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GIRL – Wednesday 4 Oct, 6pm @ Curzon Soho

Déborah Lukumuena and Le’Shantey Bonsu give stunning performances as a deeply connected mother and daughter in Adura Onashile’s tender drama.

Grace and Ama have each other and that’s all they need. Their lives are confined to their Glasgow flat, with Grace leaving only for her job as a cleaner and forbidding

Ama to set foot outside. But as Ama becomes more inquisitive, Grace is forced to confront the traumas of her past in order to let the world in. This confident feature follows up on the promise of Onashile’s acclaimed short film work. 

Director-Screenwriter: Adura Onashile | Cast: Déborah Lukumuena, Le’Shantey Bonsu, Danny Sapani. 

UK 2023. 87min.

Courtesy of Studio Soho Distribution. 

Language: English


Earth Mama, Thursday 5 Oct, 9pm @ BFI Southbank NFT1

A young, expectant mother battles drug addiction and the oppressive foster-care system to regain custody of her children in this brave and intimate debut.

What to do when you’re caught in a system that doesn’t want you to win? This is the battle facing Gia (a soulful performance from Tia Nomore) at the heart of Earth Mama – a film that’s both a fierce indictment against the foster-care system’s treatment of young Black mothers and a captivating portrait of a woman yearning for more. 

Director-Screenwriter: Savanah Leaf.

Cast: Tia Nomore, Erika Alexander, Doechii. 

USA 2023. 97min. 

Courtesy of NBC Universal. 

Language: English


Banel & Adama, Monday 9 Oct, 6pm @ BFI Southbank NFT3

In this compelling love story set in Mali, Banel and Adama’s relationship is tested by a devastating turn of events that challenges their village’s way of life.

Headstrong Banel and Adama decide to leave their family compound and embark on a project to build their own love nest. When harsh weather conditions unexpectedly blight their village, Adama is forced to put building plans on hold. And with Adama’s attention now drawn elsewhere, Banel is left to contend with the dark shadows that linger from her former marriage. 

This is a powerful and atmospheric debut by writer-director Ramata-Toulaye Sy.

Director-Screenwriter: Ramata-Toulaye Sy. 

Cast: Khady Mane, Mamadou Diallo, Binta Racine Sy. 

France-Senegal-Mali 2023. 87min. 

Courtesy of Best Friend Forever.

Language: Pulaar. With English subtitles


Gassed Up, Tuesday 10th Oct, 8.45pm @ BFI IMAX

A group of London teenage boys turn to motorbike crime for survival in George Amponsah’s high-octane follow-up to The Hard Stop.

When Ash joins Dubz’s gang it’s for good reasons – to help look after his younger sister and get his mum into rehab. But what starts out as a few stolen phones quickly spirals out of control with a robbery gone wrong, and Ash finds that the world of crime is a lot harder to leave than it was to enter.

Amponsah’s slick, fast-paced filmmaking will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Director: George Amponsah.

Screenwriters: Archie Maddocks, Taz Skylar. 

Cast: Stephen Odubola, Taz Skylar, Craige Middleburg. 

UK 2023. 102min. 

Courtesy of Vertigo Releasing. 


Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project, Wednesday 11 October, 8.35pm @ BFI Southbank NFT2

Legendary African-American poet and activist Nikki Giovanni looks back on her legacy and reflects on her mortality, in this expansive love letter to a genuine pioneer.

Since the moment Nikki Giovanni arrived on the scene, she’s looked towards the future. As her career continues to flourish, she dreams of the furthest distance left to travel – towards space. Artists, especially African- American women, aren’t often given their flowers in life, so it’s thrilling to see Giovanni get the praise she deserves in this Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Documentary Prize-winner. 

Director-Screenwriters: Michèle Stephenson, Joe Brewster. 

USA 2023. 102min. 

Courtesy of Cinetic Media.


Fire Through Dry Grass, Saturday 14th October,  3.10pm @ BFI Southbank NFT1

Isolated from the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, these Black and Brown disabled artists take up their cameras to tell their story.

The Reality Poets are a group of young rappers, filmmakers and poets living in residential care on Roosevelt Island, New York. When the virus hits, not only are they isolated from the outside world, they face institutional neglect and gaslighting. In response,

the residents document their lives and injustices, kickstarting a movement that movingly captures life, liberty and mortality.

Directors: Alexis Neophytides, Andres ‘Jay’ Molina. 

USA 2023. 89min. 

Courtesy of The Big Chair.


All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, Sunday 15th October, 12pm @ Curzon Soho 

Raven Jackson’s mesmerising feature debut is an intimate portrait of the loves and losses of one Southern Black woman’s life over the course of four decades. 

Mack has been taught to know the earth – the woods, the water and the clay, which her ancestors drew sustenance from. But life itself, in all its messy beauty, is less predictable. 

With this stunning, visually intoxicating rhapsody, Jackson establishes herself, alongside Julie Dash and Toni Morrison, as one of the great chroniclers of Black Southern girlhood. GBP

Director-Screenwriter: Raven Jackson. 

Cast: Charleen McClure, Sheila Atim, Moses Ingram.

USA 2023. 92min. Courtesy of A24. 


LFF Expanded exhibition, Friday 6 – Sunday 22 October 11am – 9pm @ Bargehouse at Oxo Tower Wharf

One ticket gives you access to a mind-blowing array of immersive storytelling.



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