The Intent – 76% Out Of 100

OUCreated from scratch and delivered by Nicky ‘Slimting’ Walker and Femi Oyeniran; The Intent is a fresh UK crime thriller that debuted in locally selected cinemas on Friday July 29th, starring MOBO nominated and former Top Boy actor/musician Scorcher, Ashley Chin (Anuvahood, Starred Up), award winning rap duo Krept & Konan, Femi Oyeniran (Kidulthood), Jade Asha (As Bad as Me), Nicky “Slimting” Walker (It’s A Lot), Dylan Duffus (1 Day), Shone Romulus (Top Boy) and Sarah Akokhia (Hallows Eve).

Set in the capital; the screenplay is essentially a gritty portrait of London street life, black male gang warfare; the supply of drugs and both the rewards consequences of the lifestyle the protagonists have chosen. Is this the “same old” negative stereotypical material that tarnishes the image of an entire population of people? Well that’s another argument for another day.

Incidentally, co-creators Walker and Oyeniran have overseen the compilation of a truly dazzling Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to accompany the release of the movie. The tracklist features some of the UK’s most popular Grime/Rap artists, including Ghetts, Scorcher, Tanika, Stormzy, Fekky, Ms Banks and many more.

There is something about movie soundtracks that can tend to bring out the best performances from musicians. Perhaps it’s something to do with their work being afforded a greater platform to reach curious movie goers who may not ordinarily listen to their genre of music.

The soundtrack as is historical; represents the ‘mood’ of the motion picture. Ghetts’ gritty lead track ‘Savage’ showcases to maximum effect, his raw lyrical dexterity and signature ‘skippy’ flow. The crux of the song concerns the requirement of the young men embroiled in street politics adopting a chilling level of savagery to survive their perilous environment…

“…Guess Who /Guess Where/ Guess What/ (SAVAGE!) Man Down/Broad Day/ Head Shot”

This is everything you would expect from a Ghetts track and the production on this record is handled by the outstanding DJ Rude Kid who (we recently interviewed) and continues to go from strength to strength.
On this occasion he adopts peculiar/outer space sonic droplets that provide a spooky backdrop to Ghetts’ iconic delivery.

Ms Banks is razor sharp on The Come Up featuring Ayo Beatz. The horns on the intro are spine-tingling; paving the way for Banks to glide over the track with almost effortless skill. This is a banger that should get most London teenagers dabbing with delight.

Scorcher and Rocket team up on the bouncy single Timbo Flow. Once you get past the protracted intro, as we have come to expect from Mr Skywalker, his approach to spitting is one of the ultra-confident top shotta and lady killer…

“Beat it once/Don’t call Again/Call Again and we’re cool again…”

You could argue that Scorcher’s ‘braggadocios’ rap personae, effectively enables him to fire on all cylinders lyrically. This track is very breezy at just under three minutes and also serves to showcase Rocket – who some have stated is far too underrated within the scene.

SeeJay100 and Cadet are joined by Ayo Beatz for another bouncy Grime riddim Day 1’z, whilst there are also tracks from MoStack, Big Tobz, Stormzy and Fekky who teams up with the Section. Ruff Sqwad fans will be pleased to hear the East Londoners on Blowing Up Road and staying with East London; former Roll Deep member Manga St Hilaire offers a unique conscience and guilt-tinged insight to street life on the track Penance. The reversed record beat totally befits the content of a song that highlights young men being emotionally torn as they head in the wrong direction.

This soundtrack comprises a mixture of UK Grime and Rap music from veterans to up and coming artists. One of the standout veterans on this compilation is certainly So Solid Crew legend Swiss who offers his trademark social consciousness on the single Plastic People.

The lyrical content is certainly not to be assumed as homogenous as each artist provides a personal outlook of the themes and issues depicted in The Intent. As the soundtrack draws to a close, Troy Hudson followed by Tanika provide some smooth R&B vibes; a timely break from the harsh reality tales and self-aggrandisement that the rest of the soundtrack provides in excess.

Finally, it must be noted that Paigey Cakey continues to enhance her reputation as a stellar UK female artist on the tune Roll.

Some of the featured soundtrack artists (Manga St. Hilare, Rapid, Scorcher, Rocket, SeeJay100, Cadet & Paigey Cakey) recently appeared with Charlie Sloth on a special The Intent Fire In The Booth. This was a truly hot session with Manga setting the bar very high with his phenomenal opening performance. This guy always had bars if not the exposure and attention of his peers.

As part of the promo/celebration of the release of The Intent; the MC’s also joined Tim Westwood for a Crib Session. The set featured Manga, Splurgeboys and PAP along with Rocket, James Pyke, and SeeJay100.

The Intent Soundtrack is likely to appeal to music fans who are already supporters of the featured artists and more broadly; Grime and UK Rap and RnB. There are enough genuinely spectacular production moments and lyrical excellence (both male and female) on this LP to credit the producers and artists for delivering another slice of history for their respective fan bases. Download it on iTunes now!

The Intent is out now in selected cinemas and available on digital download via iTunes.


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