The SceneMakers: Filmmaking Workshop – The Albany

Offering financial grants and mentoring to young filmmakers aged 16 -25 …

On Saturday 29 May there will be a free online workshop to help give young filmmakers the tools they need, or to help them find a new way to create.

  • In this workshop they’ll learn:
  • The do’s and don’ts of filmmaking, based on the journeys of our experienced speakers.
  • Creating a film based on a small budget (under £2000).
  • Tips on creating quality films using DIY methods.
  • An insight into visual effects/ animation as a genre.
  • Understanding film festivals, funding, and what to do with your film when it’s completed.
  • Filming in Covid-19: Risk assessments and Guidelines.

Meet the Mentors…

Jan Rufus– is a filmmaker and visual artist based in London. Her films are primarily focused on art, identity, and culture. Her video work is interdisciplinary and utilizes animation, motion graphics, film, photography, gamification, and interactive design.

Ella Bennet– is a Film/TV Director and Tutor based in London. Her crowd-funded graduation short, Last Leg won ‘Best Short’ at the London Independent Film Festival 2016 and broadcasted on London Live twice. She currently teaches at Met Film School and is also developing her debut feature, a psychological thriller.

Lee Squires– is an award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter in his own right, and a graduate of Ravensbourne, London, with over 30 produced short films and music videos. For the past 5 years, he’s also had the role of Festival Director of Sunday Shorts, hosting live screenings and script readings every month, while providing feedback on 150+ monthly submissions.

The SceneMakers: Filmmaking Workshop is on Saturday 29 May, 2pm – 5pm. Apply and find out more information here.


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