Trailer Thursday w/c Monday 12th July 2021

Check out our pick of trailers for upcoming films a series released this week.

Outer Banks (Season 2) – Friday 30th July | Netflix

A group of teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks stumble upon a treasure map that unearths a long-buried secret. The treasure belongs to the pogues. In S2 With a fortune in gold at stake and their futures on the line, the Pogues rush headlong into danger and a fresh mystery as they face foes old and new.

Modern Love (Season 2) – Friday 13th August | Amazon Prime Video

An anthology series inspired by the famous New York Times column of the same name. Modern love includes tales of love, loss and heartbreak. Starring Sophie Okonedo, Dominique Fishback, Gbenga Akinnagbe.

Hit & Run – Friday 20th August | Netflix

In this new action thriller, the life of a happily married man is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a mysterious hit and run accident in Tel Aviv. Grief-stricken and confused, he searches for his wife’s killers. With the help of an ex-lover, he uncovers disturbing truths about his beloved wife and the secrets she kept from him. Starring Sanaa Lathan.

The Toll – Friday 27th August | In Cinemas and on Digital Platform

A darkly-comic thriller about a lone toll-booth operator with a past that is fast catching up with him.Starring Gary Beadle.

BMF – Sunday 26th September | Starz

Inspired by the true story of two brothers who rose from the decaying streets of southwest Detroit in the late 1980s and gave birth to one of the most influential crime families in this country. Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory’s charismatic leadership, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory’s business acumen and the fraternal partnership’s vision beyond the drug trade and into the world of hip-hop would render the brothers iconic on a global level. Starring Eric Kofi-Abrefa.

The Witcher (Season 2) – Friday 17th December | Netflix

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world in which people often prove more wicked than beasts. Season two will follow Geralt of Rivia, convinced Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, who seeks to bring Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen. While the Continent’s kings, elves, humans and demons strive for supremacy outside its walls, he must protect the girl from something far more dangerous: the mysterious power she possesses inside. Starring Adjoa Andoh, Cassie Clare, Mimi Ndiweni and Yasen Atour, Mecia Simson.

The Colony – UK Release Date TBA

Cataclysmic conditions on Earth forced a mass exodus to a distant planet. Generations later, a manned mission hurtles back to assess living conditions on the desolate, mostly submerged world. The sole survivor of the expedition is attacked by a violent band of scavengers, themselves locked in battle with a far more sinister foe. Now, mankind’s very survival depends on the bravery and ingenuity of the lone astronaut.
Starring Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù.


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