Created by Tobi Olujinmi, Ramsay’s Reality is a fierce and funny new docuseries, taking you behind the scenes of a black family in ministry and exploring faith in the everyday.

Have you ever wondered what Pastors get up to when they’re not behind the pulpit? Not all families in ministry are as dramatic as the Greenleafs. Ramsay’s Reality follows the life of a young and energetic family, headed by Reverend Tim and Minister Adwoa Ramsay, full-time church leaders. They are joined by their three children, Timmika, Shiloh, and Josiah as well as their granddaughter, Lylaa Rose. The show follows the family as they navigate through life and the pressures that come with being in full-time Christian ministry.

This explosive family are not your typical churchgoers, they are not afraid to discuss the real, taboo topics. From teenage pregnancy to racism and policing, no stone goes unturned.

Tobi Olujinmi, the show’s creator states “we need to see more authentic black families on our screens, black families have always been the centre of the black church and so we’re excited to introduce this family to the world”.

With first-hand access, the reality show gives unfiltered insight into the lives of the young, black family of faith and how they incorporate that faith into unexpected scenarios. This show promises to be exciting and defy thoughts on conventional Christianity.

Ramsay’s Reality was created by Tobi Olujinmi, founder of the W TALK Network. Tobi is an itinerant preacher, New York Attorney turned writer, producer. W TALK is a multiplatform entertainment Network, merging faith with entertainment. Their stand-alone entertainment app launched in December 2018 and is set to redefine faith-based content within media.

Ramsay’s Reality premieres 21st August 2020 via W TALK Network


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