Wewe Mimi Sisi featuring favourite classic African stories for kids lands on Youtube

Wewe Mimi Sisi is an exciting new series for children, which adapts classic African stories into fun interactive programs.

The series incorporates storytelling with dynamic yoga movement and exercises to help kids develop their health and improve their wellbeing. Launched on YouTube Friday, November 27 Wewe Mimi Sisi means ‘You, Me, Us’ in Swahili. It was created by Nii Klotey Quaye and his 5-year-old daughter Xolani who also voices the story, while she was being homeschooled during lockdown. The pilot episode adapts Xolani’s favourite classic African story, Anansi & The Yams.

Not only does Wewe Mimi Sisi aim to show black children how ancient African wisdom can be married with contemporary black excellence, but the series also aims to foster and sow seeds of a stronger community within the African diaspora, as seen in its all-black cast and crew.

As well as Nii and his daughter Xolani, the Wewe Mimi Sisi team boasts yoga student, designer, and lead actress Haliymah, illustrator Selom Sunu, 16-year old producer OMadeIt, renowned musician Mikel Ameen, and black-owned production company Studio 44.

More information can be found here https://smarturl.it/WeweMimiSisiPR and press posters/images can be downloaded here https://smarturl.it/WMSPhotos

Check out the pilot episode of Wewe Mimi Sisi here.


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