What To Watch w/c 9th May

So much variety on this week’s list!

We’ve got something for every day of the week and with music, game shows and drama available, we hope you’ll enjoy! Let us know which of these are your favourites via socials.

The Games – Monday 9th May 9pm | ITV

The 12 familiar faces have undergone weeks of intensive training ready to go head-to-head in a range of sporting challenges, across a week of live shows amidst fierce competition. All have been pulled out of their comfort zones to be coached as athletes, swimmers and cyclists, to compete in the hope of coming top of the medals table and being crowned the winner of the competition. Starring songwriter Chelcee Grimes and TV star Wes Nelson.

Image credit: ITV

Britain’s Top Takeaways – Monday 9th May 8pm | BBC Two

Hosted by Darren Harriot, each week, five of the nations’ award-winning, highly rated and innovative takeaways will compete in their own cuisine, cooking and delivering some of the finest take-out in the country.

Working Moms – Tuesday 10th May | Netflix

The daring comedy that tests the modern ideal that women really can have it all, returns for series 6. The show deals with four women trying to balance their work lives while navigating kids, bosses, love and life. With Enuka Okuma.

Brotherhood: S2 – Wednesday 11th May | Netflix

In Season 2, after a successful plan that put the Irmandade on every news coverage, Cristina will taste power for the first time. However, she will have to bear the consequences of her choices and prove her loyalty to her brother, Edson (Seu Jorge) while he becomes increasingly authoritarian and violent.

Savage Beauty – Thursday 12th May | Netflix

Seeking revenge for her tragic past, a mysterious woman embeds herself in a powerful family who possess a global beauty empire.

Let’s Make a Love Scene – Friday 13th May 19:30 | Channel 4

Singletons who are looking for love, try to recreate the sexual chemistry of iconic sex scenes from the movies, coached by filmmaking’s best – intimacy co-ordinator Rufai ‘Roo’ Ajala.

Bigger than Africa – Friday 13th May | Netflix

When the slave ships docked in North America, Brazil, and the Caribbean, hundreds of cultures, traditions, and religions landed with the Africans on board, one transcended slavery beyond imagination and remains alive to this day in the New World: the Yoruba culture.

The Other One – Friday 13th May 9.30 pm | BBC One

After Colin Walcott drops dead at his birthday party, his wife Tess and daughter Cat discover he had a long-term mistress, Marilyn, by whom he has a daughter Cath. This week’s episode sees Timmika Ramsay star as rival delivery driver Patience, putting Cat’s job on the line.

Image Credit: ITV

Later… With Jools Holland – Saturday 14th May 9:55 pm | BBC Two

Later… with Jools Holland returns for a brand new series, which will see artists, including hotly-tipped Nigerian artist Obongjayar, who both recently performed at the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in Cardiff, performing in the round together once again, for the first time since the pandemic began.

Stop Filming Us – Available To View | Netflix

Based on the struggle of young people in Goma (Northeastern Congo) against the prevailing Western reporting about war and misery, Stop Filming Us investigates how these Western stereotypes are the result of a skewed balance of power.


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