What’s On Screen – Wednesday 7th June 2017

Title: Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire  (2013)

Format: Film

Genre: Documentary

Certificate: PG

Platform: Amazon Prime UK

Date Added: 7th June 2017

Synopsis: Assaulted brings audiences to the center of the controversy over the issue that is dividing our nation – gun control. Narrated by Ice-T, it takes a critical look at gun laws and the movement to restrict our Second Amendment rights.

Title: Disturbing the Peace (2016)

Format: Film

Genre: Documentary

Platform: Netflix

Date Added: 7th June 2017

Synopsis: This documentary follows former Palestinian and Israeli soldiers, tired of endless war, who form a group advocating peace through nonviolent action.

Title: Hitch (2005)

Format: Film

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Certificate: 12

Synopsis: A relationship coach who specialises in single men helps an accountant to woo the girl of his dreams. Meanwhile in his own bout for love his usual suave persona abandons him as he becomes a clumsy blubbering fool trying to win over a beautiful gossip columnist.

Cast: Will Smith, Eva Mendes

Time: 6pm

Channel: Sky Cinema Comedy

  • Sky: Channels 301–312 (SD/HD); Channels 314, 330–337, 339, 340 (SD) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channels 401, 403–412 (HD); Channels 402, 431, 433–442 | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channels 301–309, 318, 320, 321 ; Channels 331–341 (HD) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • TalkTalk TV: Channels 501–511 (SD)
  • BT: Channels 501–511 (SD)
  • Now TV: Watch live (UK only)

Title: Ackley Bridge (s1/ep1)

Format: Series

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Two previously segregated Yorkshire schools in a mill town with a divided Asian and White population merge, forming a multicultural academy. In the first episode teacher Emma gets a shock when she finds out she’s now working with her ex-boyfriend, while best friends and neighbours Missy and Nas attend school together for the first time.

Cast: Arsher Ali, Sunetra Sarker, Narinder Samra, Jo Joyner, Paul Nicholls

Time: 8pm

Channel: Channel 4

  • Freesat: Channel 104 (SD); Channel 121 (+1); Channel 126 (HD)
  • Sky: Channel 104 (SD); Channel 135 (+1); Channel (HD) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 104; Channel 141 (HD); Channel 142 (+1) | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channel 111 ; Channel 142 (HD)| Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • All 4: Watch live
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Title: When Kids Kill – Beaten For Being Different (s2/ep1)

Format: Series

Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: Presented by Aaron Roachbridgeman. The documentary series exploring the stories of Britain’s most high profile child killers. The heart-breaking story of Sophie and Robert a young couple who were victims of an attack because they dressed like Goths.

Time: 9pm

Channel: 5star

  • Freeview: Channel 30; Channel 55 (+1)
  • Freesat: Channel 131; Channel 132 (+1)
  • Sky (UK only): Channel 176 (SD/HD); Channel 190 (+1) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 151; Channel 186 (+1) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • MY5: Watch online
  • WightFibre: Channel 15

Title: Shots Fired- Hour One (s1/ep1)

Format: Series

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Two black prosecutors investigate what seems to be a string of racially motivated police shootings, the cop is Black and his victim is White. There seems to be more to the story than what first meets the eye in the racially divided town.

Cast: Clare-Hope Ashitey, Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Trista Mack Wilds, Aisha Hinds, DeWanda Wise

Time: 9pm

Channel: FOX

  • Sky: Channel 124 (SD/HD); Channel 165 (+1); Channel 188 (SD) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 157; Channel 158 (+1); Channel 199 (HD) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • TalkTalk TV: Channel 316
  • Freewire: Channel 146


Title: Doctor In The House (s2/ep4)

Format: Series

Genre: Health

Synopsis: Dr Rangan Chatterjee visits Nicola, who has been diagnosed with 10 different conditions, including fibromyalgia, ME, sciatica and depression, and her pain and exhaustion has led her to become addicted to painkillers and virtually housebound. The doctor also spends time with Laverne, who is suffering from stress and severe exhaustion and is at risk of developing life-threatening type 2 diabetes. Rangan must find a way to completely overhaul her lifestyle, including her diet, sleeping habits and work-life balance.

Time: 11:35pm

Channel: BBC One

  • Freeview: Channel 1; Channel 101 (HD)
  • Freesat: Channel 101 (SD: England; HD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channel 108 (SD: Sco/Wal/NI; HD: England); Channels 950–967, 972, 973, 976, 978 (regional variations)
  • Sky (UK): Channel 101 (SD: England; HD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channel 115 (HD: England); Channel 141 (SD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channels 951–968, 976–979 (regional variations) | Sky (Ireland): Channel 141 (SD/HD); Channel 215 (SD
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 101; Channel 108 (HD); Channels 851, 861–864 (regional variations) | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channel 108; Channel 139 (HD)
  • WightFibre: Channel 1
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  • TVPlayer: Watch Live (UK only)
  • Horizon Go: Watch live (Ireland only)

Title: On Assignment (s4/ep4)

Format: Series

Genre: Current Affairs

Synopsis: Presented by Rageh Omaar. John Ray reports on the physical assaults against people with albinism in Malawi in Africa, which have increased rapidly in recent years. Elsewhere, Juliet Bremner visits the former Soviet republic of Armenia, and Dan Rivers travels to the Dead Sea, a place rapidly shrinking which is causing disastrous effects for the area’s tourism and natural environment.

Time: 10:50pm

Channel: ITV

  • Freeview: Channel 3; Channel 103 (HD)
  • Freesat: Channel 103; Channel 111 (HD)
  • Sky (UK): Channel 103 (SD); Channel 178 (HD) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only) | Virgin Media (UK): Channel 103; Channel 113 (HD)
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