When was the last time I created a piece of work that truly mattered?

I was asking myself this question reflecting on the fact that our lives are often driven in a default survival mode, where deadlines rule our attention, where managing the expectations of others becomes the norm and political correctness masks our inner expression in order to pay the bills.

So, when I thought about people like Steve Jobs and imagined the arguments and anguish that he and colleagues would have gone through to make products that changed the world – I then began to think that bravery, laser focus and sacrifice is needed to create something that truly matters. Every human has a unique calling and is special in their own right. When called, some answer, whilst others haven’t developed their abilities to hear their personal calling and travel through life none the wiser.

Such a personal calling came to my film company when we were approached by Riley Productions to create a film that represents the acronym FHPC (Fair, Honest, Positive, Creative). My gut instinct told me that I had to direct and produce the film and this moment was a calling to create something that truly mattered.


Working with Jodie Dalmeda from Riley Productions was a rewarding experience, due to her clear vision, drive and creative ambition to make the project as good as it could possibly be. She secured the lyrical skills of the critically acclaimed recording artist George the POET, who is one of the brightest talents in the UK.


As a creative director, I always challenge myself to create pieces of work that will do good for humans and in this particular project, for the planet as an entity in its own right. When FHPC is applied to your decision making process it evaluates your actions in order to ensure a balanced life, which in turn creates a better planet.

Watch the film, let me know your thoughts, if you like it, share it with your network and most importantly of all, be brave, be bold in your convictions, be laser focused and be prepared to sacrifice time in order to create something that truly matters.

Find out more on FHPC via www.fhpc.me


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