Women Of The Lens Film Festival Asks, What Is Broadcast Today?

Women Of The Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival debuts on Friday 10th November at the historic venue Goldsmiths Curzon, London.

This UK-based Festival was created to showcase the work and challenge perceptions of black women and women of colour in front of and behind the camera. With 54 productions, 14 Themes, 5 panels of debate, and two iconic venues, the Festival programme is packed with productions with a diversity of stories that centres black women.

A discussion panel of contemporary industry importance is titled; What Is Broadcast Today? Whether or not one works in the industry, it’s often difficult to imagine a time without the Internet. As technology progresses and advertising revenues fluctuate between traditional and alternative platforms, the blurring of what we’d understood to be broadcast has changed. Over time we’ve changed they way we consume radio and television across culture, age or gender – and this in turn has evolved its content and production.  The panel will include conversations that try to offer new definitions of Broadcast and how these changes can be adapted to benefit the productivity of people working in the industry and challenge poor representation of black and brown people.

The panel line-up is classy and very clued-up about the industry. We’ll see Danielle Scott-Haughton creator of webseries Dear Jesus and now with Balloon Entertainment; Juliana Ayeni-Stevens Founder of Purple Night Colour Productions; Carol Russell of Fresh Voices UK and to host the panel will be The British Blacklist Founder Akua Gyamfi.

Other Themes include Sugar And Spice And All Things Black Girl. With the latest release of the film STEP this Theme is a timely investigation into the representation of black girlhood in film. This depiction is too often fraught with issue-led dramas which take no interest into the fragility and carefreeness of the girlhood of black children.

Who Do You Think You Are?! is another Theme where the Festival was inundated with productions about identity an integral part of women’s experiences. This programme also contains a Tribute To A Classic, where the film Burning An Illusion by acclaimed filmmaker Menelik Shabazz will be screened. Our very own Debbie D’Oyley (@DescantDeb) has written a review of the iconic film prior to its screening on Saturday 25th November.

The Festival kicks off with the Theme, Can She Get Her Sexy Back?! with the screening of Spike Lee’s Girl 6. The sexuality of black and brown women have been up for grabs historically. The showing of Girl 6 will be used as a platform to discuss and challenge the perceptions of black women’s sexuality in film.

With the core programming at The Cinema Museum, London, Founder and Director Jennifer G. Robinson says of the event,

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the Festival. It demonstrates to me the growing potential of what’s being created and my responsibility to filmmakers as they submit their precious creations. The stories contained in the Festival highlights the multi-faceted complexities of black women and women of colour. The stories show that these women’s stories are human stories, our stories that can be enjoyed by all audiences irrespective of their ethnicities. I’m excited by the coming events and humbled by the support received.”

Tickets for all programmes  at the Women Of the Lens Film Festival are on sale now. Find out more and book tickets here.

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