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Author: Be Manzini

85% #OutOf100 – Whitney: Can I Be Me – Review & Special Screenings

Nick Broomfield is known for appearing in front of the camera in his documentaries but in this, he kept himself off screen. This was a sensible move, as what he has delivered is a portrait that treats Whitney Houston with the tenderness and respect she deserves and begs the question, if she had received more of that whilst alive, would she still be with us?

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80% #OutOf100 – a profoundly affectionate, passionate devotion to someone (-noun) @ The Royal Court

A turquoise room and fluorescent lights, 3 women and 2 men on the edges dressed casually. We are on swivel chairs below elevated walkways. It somehow feels clinical though you can’t ignore the beauty of rich turquoise walls and brown skin against them. The walls are rendered chalkboards with lines and spheres are drawn onto them. The curious eeriness of the sound of chalk making its mark, the scratching before the break-broken speech that playwright, director debbie tucker green is renowned for establishing. The interaction between the couples is visceral and feels voyeuristic as if we are peeping Toms and yet...

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78% #OutOf100 – Mother Africa’s ‘Khayelitsha – My Home’ ENDS TODAY!

10 golden hula hoops spinning around 1 tiny female body, a man on a unicycle 5 wheels high; there is head-standing, hand-standing, juggling, dish spinning, ladder climbing and gymnastic feats gold medalists would be proud of. Mother Africa is more than a circus with live musicians, singing and dancing alongside the acrobatic acts. There are the obligatory drums and percussion but the Kora, guitar, saxophone are welcome additions to the band. The little vignettes, are moments that feel like everyday life on African soil contrasted with the magical circus segments. Expect gasps and bursts of applause from the audience...

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75% #OutOf100 – Lethal Weapon Series on ITV Fridays 9pm

The story is one we are familiar with; two cops with conflicting personalities, one an unhinged ex-navy SEAL relocating after personal tragedy, the other a long serving officer returning to work after sick leave. Black and white, mature and relatively young, a stable, responsible family man and a widowed unhinged maverick; what they have in common is a sense of right and wrong and a similar moral compass which makes them passionate about the work they do. They go by the names of Detective Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford). With the original starring Danny Glover and...

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90% #OutOf100 – Danai Gurira’s New Play, The Convert @ The Gate Theatre

You may know award winning playwright Danai Gurira as Michonne from The Walking Dead series, or the lead in Mother of George (2013) and / or that she’s been cast in the eagerly anticipated upcoming Marvel Black Panther movie. She is also the writer of the award winning play Eclipsed, which debuted in the UK, and its Broadway run starring Lupita Nyong’o. It could be argued that Gurira’s ability to occupy and articulate such variety as an actor and creator has fed her understanding of creating complex characters. Evident again as she makes a return to the UK, her new play, The Convert. Set in Mashona and...

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Sanjeev Bhaskar Discusses His OBE, His Acclaimed Career and Season 2 Of ITV Crime Series, Unforgotten

Multi-award winning actor writer and producer, Sanjeev Bhaskar makes a genuine point of making sure I am comfortable as we then proceed to talk about the new series of the critically acclaimed, Unforgotten, his previous TV shows his celebrity status; and the things he values dearly – humanity, humility, equality and egalitarianism.

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