Following the success of the Manhood Academy, Womanhood has now been born!

Founded by seven strong passionate women, The Womanhood Academy will launch Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 with programmes up and running from September 2018.

The Launch will be a day of celebrating the power of the woman, with the wonderful Judi Love confirmed as host. There will be a marketplace supporting new and aspiring businesses as well as a complimentary range of guest speakers and performances with an introduction from the Womanhood Academy Team

The Launch details:

Address: Parkview Academy West Green Road, London N15 3QR
Date: Saturday 3rd March 2018
Time: 1.00pm to 6.00pm

Based in North London, The Womanhood Academy will recruit young women aged 8-18 and will take them on a Rites of passage programme. This 40-week programme will be broken into 4 cycles called Mind, Body, Soul and Sisterhood. Each of these cycles will focus on different aspects of a young woman’s development.

Through creative and imaginative workshops, the WHA will concentrate and celebrate each young lady’s unique personal qualities. From personal development to beauty to relationships to entrepreneurship, we aim to challenge, stretch and empower.


Our children are being raised in a society where social media and celebrity status can easily influence the young. The impact on their perceptions of beauty, how to communicate with each other and how to dream has become an illusion.

We want to challenge the status quo and motivate our young to be stronger and more resilient in this world. We want our young to acknowledge their own beauty and talents. More importantly, we want to encourage a foster a sisterhood within the workshops but also support the process with designated mentors.

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