Writer/director Lynette Linton commissioned and curated Passages: A Windrush Celebration, a series of seven monologue films which were presented by the Royal Court Theatre on 13 April 2019.

Marking seventy years after the arrival of passenger liner V Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks, Essex, and in response to the recent Windrush scandal, the featured films written by Rikki Beadle-Blair, Natasha Gordon, Lynette Linton, Shereen Jasmin Phillips, Winsome Pinnock, Jamael Westman, and Roy Williams.

Lynette Linton, who is of Guyanese heritage, said –
“I always knew I wanted to create something around the Windrush generation. It’s a part of British history. Yet, I hadn’t been taught about it at school. Why? If it hadn’t been for my own personal connection, I wouldn’t have known much about this period at all. And then the scandal happened. And I wasn’t even surprised. I was and am still angry. Frustrated. Desperate to do something.  

I wanted to find a way of celebrating how much our parents and grandparents have contributed to this county while acknowledging the struggle too. So I spoke to those with West Indian heritage around me, as well as artists I respected and asked for their opinion. How do we honour this anniversary? What did we want to say? How do we give a voice to our community in a time where we should be celebrating our legacy but instead we’re worrying for our grandparents’ safety?

Passages: A Windrush Celebration is our contribution to this debate. I am thrilled to be working alongside so many artists from my community that I admire and respect. We wouldn’t be here without the Windrush generation. It is time for us to tell our story using our own words.”

The films, which focus on the British West Indian experience, are now available to watch online.
Written & directed: Rikki Beadle-Blair
Performer: Gary Beadle

Writer: Natasha Gordon
Director: Lynette Linton
Performer: Sharon Duncan-Brewster

Written & directed: Lynette Linton
Performer: Malachi Kirby

Writer: Shereen Jasmin Phillips
Director: Daniel M. Bailey
Performer: Angela Wynter

Writer: Winsome Pinnock
Director: Gino Ricardo Green
Performer: Sarah Niles

Director: Daniel M. Bailey
Writer & Performer: Jamael Westman

Writer: Roy Williams
Director: Gino Ricardo Green
Performer: Jo Martin

Passages: A Windrush Celebration was produced by Lynette Linton and Christopher Haydon with support by Black Apron Entertainment, Misfit Films, and the Royal Court Theatre.