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#TBB10 With Former X-Factor Finalists UK Afrobeat Artists Reggie N Bollie

Charlie Sloth recently premiered Reggie N Bollie’s new track, This Is The Life on 1Xtra. After keeping listeners in suspense it was revealed that the unlikely Ghanian duo Reggie N Bollie were behind the head-turning, energetic anthem, that hears them fusing an eclectic blend of Dancehall and Afrobeats. Since making it to the finals of the 2015 amassed an impressive online following that is reflected in their Spotify streams of over 8 million and YouTube views of over 5 million on their previous release New Girl. Self-released on their newly launched label F.R.O.D Music, Reggie N Bollie stand in good...

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Who Are CCKK?

Who are CCKK? CCKK is made up of East Londoners Chro Cash (CC) and King Koroma (KK). They represent the sound of London’s inner city. Based in the east the two young artists express their unique experiences of growing up together in the borough of Newham. Drawing on their trials, tribulations, delights and occasional good fortune, CCKK condense and express all of this into their own unique brand of music. The young men are focused on the business of bringing their sound to the world stage. TBB caught up with the rising talent to give our readers an exclusive...

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#TBB10 With – Sparda MC

Sparda MC started making music back in the early 2000’s and has toured with the likes of The Wu Tang Clang and Juelz Santana. After a long hiatus, he’s returned with a new sound he calls Electric Soul.    His first release is the single Pillow Talk taken from his album Conversations and promises more than just songs for radio play, this time, the MC is taking a step towards artistry and music with more depth and meaning.   #TBB1o’s Tammy, caught up with the artist to hear more about he has to offer and how he went about getting there.   1#...

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