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#TBB10 with UK Rap Legend Ty, A Work of British Art

If I were to ask you to list the top 5 British Hip Hop legends there is no doubt that Ty would be amongst them. Not only is he respected by his peers but he is one of the few still flying the flag for true Brit Hip hop and does so with grace and humbleness. With the release of his latest album A Work Of Heart there is no doubt that in an industry that does not celebrate and appreciate the legacy that is British Hip Hop enough, he will be heard. 1# The last time you spoke to...

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#TBB10 with RnB Artist & X Factor Alumni Derry Mensah

You may remember Derry Mensa as the cute, shy boy who made Kelly Rowland’s heart skip a beat on The X Factor back in 2011. Fast forward to 2018 and Derry has all grown up and has released his latest single Moonlight Girl this past month, which he’ll be following up with a new EP.   #TBB10 caught up with Derry to talk life post X Factor and releasing new music as a solo artist. 1# Hello Derry and welcome to TBB now we cannot talk to you without mentioning how you broke into the music business via X...

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#TBB10 Thinks Randomly Big with Tosin Adeniji, British Born Product Manager of Verizon’s Innovation Lab

30-year old Tosin Adeniji is the epitome of a young woman thinking big and living ‘The American Dream’. From humble beginnings in East London to now a product manager for Verizon innovation lab in New York. Starting her career as a music entertainment marketing executive she went on to gain an MBA at Cornell University and now works for one of the largest network and television providers in the US. If this wasn’t enough, Tosin has now joined the ever-growing podcast world. Launched in January her ‘Thinking Randomly Big’ podcast shares her experiences and encourages people to live their dreams. We caught...

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#TBB10 with Mica Paris discussing her upcoming Ella Fitzgerald tour, the legacy of British Soul & Prince

“When I’m over in America, they talk about how we inspired them. Jill Scott, Mary J, they say they were inspired by us. When I’m in the states, I can make a phone call and see anyone. Black American artists support each other. But over here it’s different. Artists over here, have white managers who don’t encourage them to be black.”

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